Welcome to Regina's Elite Slopitch league!

Spare - 5/13/2019
Neil M . 306-537-4129 25+ years playing slowpitch - Largely a pitcher. Division 2-4 preferred.

Submitting Game Scores 4/30/2014
Reminder to all teams that, regardless of the outcome, you MUST submit your game score by midnight Sunday of the week the game was scheduled in order to avoid being fined.

Fines for failing to submit scores in time are $5/game for every week you're late.

- *Rain-out games are to be entered as a tie of 1-1.
- A cancelled game is to be entered as a 2-0 win for the non-cancelling team.
- A no-show game is to be entered as a 10-0 win for the team that showed up. Any team that is a no show or does not have enough players to play the game will be fined from their performance bond. Please advise League Admin if there is a no show

**** If you wish to have your rained out game rescheduled you must send an email to kbereti@live.ca she will do her best to find an alternate date/diamond to play on. If you aren't intending on rescheduling please submit a score of 1-1 for both games. Thank you to all teams for co-operating!

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League Approved Bats
Approved Bats
* All bats used must have this logo
2019 Tournament Weekends
Season Opener – Saturday May 11th & Sunday May 12th
(Entry deadline: May 3rd)

Mid Season – Saturday June 22nd & Sunday June 23rd
(Entry deadline: June 10th)

Year End – Saturday August 17th & Sunday August 18th
(Entry deadline: Aug 5th)
2019 Tournament Entry
All tournaments are entered by emailing Kyla Bereti at kbereti@live.ca

* Entries sent after the entry deadline will not be accepted.
2019 Tournament Draws
All Draws will be done electronically and posted on the league website:
(Tuesday May 7th, Tuesday June 18th & Tuesday August 15th)
Watch online – You WILL NOT be phoned